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"The best and most efficient pharmacy is within your own system"

- Robert C.Peale

Why take a Holistic approach ?

The word Holistic comes from the Greek word Holos, which means Whole.  
A Holistic approach views the body as a whole, not only as parts.  It acknowledges body, mind, spirit and emotions to find balance in the quest for optimal health and wellness.
When talking about Holistic Healing, it means taking a big picture of who you are as a whole to find the root cause of what your symptoms might be, and to consider all these aspects in order to heal and bring back balance into your life.

What People say

Marie-Lou may appear to be new to this field but in truth she has been circling it for years. This is simply the refinement of years of self reflection and her personal journey of nutrition and natural healing experimentation, both combined with her undeniable determination, focus and unwavering quest for answers to a balanced and healthy life.  It is this that drove Marie-Lou to find a field in which she can further her education and grow her passion. Through Vega Testing she can share her wealth of experience, empathy and genuine concern for her fellow human beings.

M. R. Mayne Island

I had no idea about Vega testing before going to see Marie-Lou. The experience was peaceful and very enlightening. Coming in the office, we are welcomed with beautiful scent and a relaxing atmosphere. The testing confirmed the different ailments that I have been struggling with. Then we worked through food sensitivities. Marie-Lou takes the time to research and give you insight on how to optimize your health working with your body’s responses.

I will be going back, looking forward to see how my body respond to the changes I am making.

Thank you Marie-Lou

Julie B. Campbell River

Thank you, I was so thrilled to meet you and come join you in the clinic for my testing!  The tests reassured what I suspected and I am looking forward to seeing my markers improve as I implement your suggestions.

C. P. Lantzville

Marie-Lou is very passionate, knowledgeable and makes sure you are at ease.  This makes the whole testing a pleasant and educational experience.  I walked out the door with great recommendations in both supplements and in different food and choices.  

I will be back and I can recommend

Patrick B. 

So thankful for Marie-Lou who is teaching me how to listen to my body, understand my cycle and find balance in all areas of my life!

T. M Comox Valley

I had a wonderful experience with Marie-Lou.  She welcomed us with a warm smile, she is professional and explains everything in details. Vega Testing made me understand which areas I needed to work on and I feel confident on following Marie-Lou's recommendations.  Thank you


Terrific Coach, very knowledgable! I loved my experience, Marie-Lou is absolutely amazing! I definitely recommend her! 

Marc Montreal, online client 

Thank you so much Marie-Lou. I was sceptic about this weird machine that I never heard about, but you explained everything about it and made me more confident. I am happy with this new experience. I now have a better understanding of how my body works. I am more aware of the food I eat and how it affects my health.  I can't wait for my next appointment to see the changes after following the recommendations. Healthy minds live in healthy bodies, and I decided to change NOW!! thanks for your help.

Ophi Del. Victoria

Marie-Lou is a pleasure to work with. Her intelligence and breadth of knowledge in holistic health and nutrition has been a gift! Her passion for her work shows in her thoughtful questions, her respectful curiosity and her devotion to her clients' health. I highly recommend Marie-Lou for Vega Testing and health & nutrition consultation. 

W. E. Comox Valley